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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome Friends!

Welcome to Simple Good Design, ...a team site where leaders with Southern Living At HOME  can share product ideas and more, and share tips and announcements on what's new as we move towards the launch of Willow House, our future company!  We look forward to welcoming everyone to experience our company!  No need to wait for Willow House to launch - there's lots going on right now.   In the month of May we have terrific specials for Hosts and Customers.    I love the Hyacinth Mixing Bowls - they have such a beautiful, vintage look to them with their cool colors that complement any kitchen decor.   Since we can bake up to 450 degrees in them what are your ideas for using these bowls for baking?   I also am so excited my BPF (best product favorite) is featured as a customer special, the sweet italian stitch ramekins.   They look good, they feel good and they can hold so much!  What do you like to put in your ramekins?   We are offering the chance to put some Tuscan Roasted Garlic dip mix with some olive oil in them for FREE this month.  How about you?  Do you bake in them?

Can't wait to hear your product ideas!


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